MITAMANOFUYU - Suzue 3rd Album

The quintessence of Suzue, the diva of the priesthood

The long-awaited third album is proudly completed with Yasuharu Ogura as sound producer.

The Spirit trembles, and is kept alive.

The Spirit increases, and is kept alive.

"Purification and Vibrancy."

A time to purify your soul just by listening to it, why don't you feel this?

Track List

  1. MITAMANOFUYU / Divine support
  2. Mahoroba
  3. To you when you ware child
  5. Gaia
  6. Mundo Lindo
  7. Tamayura
  8. SORA
  9. Tokowaka Evergreen
  10. Enishi no Kizuna
  11. Iyasaka