Welcome to the Suzue’s web site!

Rev. Suzue is an incumbent Shinto priestess.

She was born in Brazil and grew up in a shrine after returning to Japan.

Her unique sensibility came naturally to her.


These elements resonate transparently in her music.

In this day and age, it is neither right nor left, but straight,

The heart of the Japanese people and their appreciation for things unseen,
Her voice sings that "human beings are a part of nature,

I hope that her voice will reach you who are living in the same era*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・・*:.。. .

"Kukuri" reached No.1 on the iTunes New Age Top Albums chart in the Netherlands

Suzue's new album "Kukuri" reached No.1 on the iTunes New Age Top Albums chart in the Netherlands. Kukuri" als […]

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New album " KUKURI " will be released from to January 11th 2023! @ iTunes Store, Spotify etc…

Check it out!  iTunes Spotify YouTube […]

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[Video distribution] Suzue Diva of Shinto 20th Anniversary Concert "Kukuri -Song of Unity " Live Streaming Tokyo Performance

Very popular! Until January 7, 2023,You can watch it any number of times. […]

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FCCJ Saturday Night Live!

[ Date ]Saturday, August 05, 2017Show Time1st Stage 18:30-19:152nd Stage 20:15-21:00 [ Performer ]Suzue (Vocal […]

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FCCJ Saturday Night Live!

[ Date ]October 24th, 2015Show Time1st stage 6:30pm~7:15pm2nd stage 8:15pm~9:00pm [ Ticket Price ]Free [ More […]

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涼恵 - Suzue

Singer / Song writer
Shinto Priestess
Ono Hachiman Shrine Priestess

Suzue's voice touches your heart.
She has the gift of healing... beautiful, innocent and so affectionate.

Her lyrics take you to a journey into an unknown world.
She blends East and West in music.
Her creation is above and beyond genres.

Born in Brazil and raised as a Shinto Priestess,
she naturally gained the sense to cherish the similarities beyond differences.
Like her great ancestor, Inazo Nitobe,
Suzue also wants to be a messanger to share the harmony of diversity,
affection and empathy through her music.

As a priestess and as a singer also her mission is to clear and purify worries in human's heart.


In today's world, which is becoming excessively divided and polarized, Suzue is celebrating the culmination of her 20th anniversary as a Shinto priestess singer.

Why do priestesses sing?

It is because she wants to convey something to the next generation through music.
Because she has a feeling that she wants others to inherit.
Because there are words she wants to weave.
Because there is a KOTODAMA (mystical words) that she wants to leave behind.

KUKURU (to wrap oneself in something) is also to be prepared for it. This work is a “KUKURU” work that concludes the 20th anniversary of Suzue’s activities, sublimating the invisible spiritual world of “KUKURI” in sound, voice and song.