Konohanasakuya, this is Suzue’s 2nd album

‘Suzue is a Singers of KOTODANA Words: Hearing the Voices of Mountains, Rivers, Plants, and Trees’ ---By Sankei News paper

Her voice has a sweetness that evokes a sense of love, and her clear melodies, innovative string tremolos, and warmth in her harmonies were not formal but genuine. -----New York Concert Review

The splendid lineup that received a standing ovation at New York's Carnegie Hall proved that their musicality knows no borders.

Suzue’s second album is now complete.
A song of human temperatures and their connections, an anthem of the sky and the earth... The infinite music is transmitted by a single singer.
Cross Over Sound" that transcends time and country, from Japan to the world, and from the world to Japan.
You will be enchanted by her expressive voice of seven colors and her rich voice with four octaves.
First album "Umashi Ashikabi" in 2002
2nd album "Konohana Sakuya" in 2009
This seven years of silence is not a feat.

1. Light of Saraca
2. Together Forever
3. Farewell at Sakura Lane
4. Nomads in Dust
5. Heaven and Earth
6. Lore
7. Married Mound
8. Prayer of the Flowers
9. Dawn Breaks
10. Water Planet
11. Konohanasakuya