Suzue's first live DVD to be released!

Suzue 15th Anniversary Concert

~ Mitamanofuyu~ ( Divine support)

July 7, 2021 on Sale

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Suzue: Song, Voice

Yasuharu Ogura: Piano

Hitoshi Miyazawa: Cello

Shinichiro Suzuki: Koto

Manao Doi: Guitar

Osaka Concert : Osaka City Central Public Hall, Large Assembly Room

Tokyo Concerts : Musashino Public Hall

Organized by :Suzue 15th Anniversary Executive Committee

Co-organized by : Studio Yushiri

Sponsored by : Alpha Intel South America Exchange, Inc.

Supported by : Sankei Shimbun / Radio Kansai / Kokugakuin University

“Singing is Prayer”

  • Diva of Shinto Suzue

We hope that Its music,

purify the souls of those who listen to it.

The Spirit trembles, and is kept alive.

The Spirit increases, and is animated.




  1. Light of Saraca
  2. The song of Japanese Almanac
  3. Farewell at Sakura Lane
  4. Lore
  5. Water Planet
  6. Kono Michi 
  7. Amazing Grace
  8. Prayer of the Flowers

Part 2

  1. ~Mitamanofuyu~ Divine support
  2. Shikishima
  3. Furusato
  4. Gaia
  5. SORA
  6. Enishi no Kizuna
  7. Tokowaka Evergreen


Toyoashihara no mizuho no kuni

During the Corona disaster, it is difficult to hold real concerts and live performances, so we will send out what we can now. In response to requests and support from many fans, we are pleased to announce the release of Suzue’s  first DVD.

The DVD features Suzue’s 15th anniversary concert held at the Osaka City Central Public Hall, an important cultural asset of Japan.

We sincerely hope that this work will help you find some peace in your daily life.