The album charted at Best1 on the iTunes New Age Top Songs in Turkey.

“ Singing is a Prayer ""
It all started here...
Umashiashikabi" is the debut album of Suzue, a singer of words and spirits who conveys the beauty of the Japanese language.
Umashiashikabi" is a Japanese word meaning "beautiful sprout of a reed.
A beautiful bud just emerging in a chaotic world.
This fresh and fresh work beautifully expresses this worldview with its unique music that incorporates Western instruments such as piano, violin, and cello, as well as Japanese instruments such as taiko, dragon flute, and kagura bells from the ancient Japanese court music of gagaku (ancient Japanese court music).

After the release of this album, the group will expand its activities not only in Japan but also in Asia, Europe, the United States, South America, and other parts of the world.
The universal theme and message of this album will surely be a hit with audiences.
We hope you will enjoy this album together with their second album "Konohana Sakuya.
"Even now Even now While there is still a chance and time Holding hands don’t loosen but keep our friendship." (from "Prayer of the Flowers")

1. Prologue ~KODAMA~
2. Toyoashihara Mizuho no kuni
3. Dream and Wings
4. The song of Japanese Almanac
5. Sensitive
6. I could only laugh
7. Jadeite
8. Human genome
9. Verao ~The voice of Summer~
10. The Prayer of the Flowers
11. What my eyes caught